Engineering an Exercise Experience Unlike Any Other

At Horizon Fitness, we invest in technologies that offer meaningful advantages to our customers and set us apart from the competition. These exclusive innovations make it easier to use, maintain and own our equipment, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

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Sixstar Frame

The Natural Elements of Motion

Six key design details work in concert to create the most natural and comfortable elliptical workout. From the handlebars to the pedals, everything is right where it should be.

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Exact Force Induction Brake

Control at Your Fingertips

Exact Force Induction Brake offers instant, smooth, precise resistance changes at the push of a button. With no moving parts, it’s quieter and more durable, as well.

Quiet + Durable + Responsive

The Johnson Drive System helps you stay in perfect rhythm with a durable and responsive drive motor that recalibrates with each foot fall so you never feel lags or surges.

The ultra-quiet Johnson Drive System also runs at lower RPMs, keeping the motor cooler for long-lasting performance.

Variable Response Cushioning

Variable Response Cushioning

Softer Landings, Better Takeoffs

All Horizon treadmills are engineered with our unique three-zone Variable Response Cushioning System, so you can work out longer, with less fatigue and more comfort.

Just like a running shoe, Horizon treadmills provide softer cushioning in the impact zone and firmer cushioning in the push-off zone, for the ideal amount of flex and support in every phase of your stride.

Feather Light Folding

Feather Light Folding

Durability Meets Convenience

Get the sturdiness of a traditional treadmill or elliptical and the benefits of a folding frame thanks to our effortless hydraulic folding system that makes storage between workouts easy.

AirTrain Technology

AirTrain Technology

Revolution Is in the Air

Exclusive AirTrain Technology combines responsive air cushioning with 10 challenge programs to simulate real trail running without leaving your house.

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