Personal. Powerful. Totally Connected.

Whether you’re training for your next event or just starting your fitness journey, our Smart Fitness Technology makes it virtually effortless to connect to the content that keeps you moving. With the flexibility of our powerful technology suite, you only have to decide how you want to personalize your exercise experience to make it a reality.

Zone App

@Zone App

Exercise Inspiration @ Your Fingertips

Get a home workout that’s as immersive as it is inspiring with our @Zone app. You can race through virtual journeys, challenge yourself against others, redefine your body with Sprint 8 HIIT and take on metric-driven workouts. You can even review workout history to track progress and see how you stack up against the top @Zone users. Download the app today, and make sure your next workout is in the zone.

Sprint 8

Maximum Results, Minimum Time

Count on transformative results with the scientifically validated Sprint 8 program. Sprint 8 uses short bursts of maximum-intensity exercise to activate fast-twitch muscles and stimulate a natural growth hormone, burning fat and building lean muscle in ways fads can’t. Best of all, anyone can fit the short, 20-minute workouts into their schedule.

Works With


Reach your fitness goals by training with real-life videos from around the world.


Immerse yourself in a fun and rewarding training experience as you explore the virtual roads, tracks and trails of Zwift.

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Kino Map

Bluetooth FTMS

Connect in a Powerful New Way

Advanced Bluetooth makes it easy to connect your smart equipment to your favorite fitness apps. That means you can race and compete against exercise enthusiasts from around the world, bringing your workout to life like never before.

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